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Notable accomplishments:

Work is known worldwide  Printed media and original art are held in multiple collections in the United States and abroad  Has a long history of speaking of the Palestinian experience in diaspora  That expertise is sought out in speaking engagements, art contributions, and interviews

Comics and comic anthologies

2025: Legends in the Heights (graphic novel; to be published by Andrews McMeel in Fall 2025)

2022-23: “Legends in the Heights” (ongoing comic published online at

2020: Pandemix: A Comic Anthology in the Age of ‘Rona (anthology)

2019: AOC and the Freshman Force: Squad Special (anthology)

Drawing Power: Women’s Stories of Sexual Violence, Harassment, and Survival (anthology)

Talk Bernie to Me (anthology)

AOC and the Freshman Force (anthology)

“23andMe Doesn’t Know what Makes a Palestinian” (published on The Nib)

2018: The Hookah Girl and Other True Stories (published graphic novel; it is sold and in libraries worldwide)

Believer magazine (short comic was featured)

2017: New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei (anthology)

Mine! A Celebration of Liberty and Freedom for All Benefitting Planned Parenthood (anthology; comic was co-created with Frank Conniff)

Steal This Country: A Handbook for Resistance, Persistence, and Fixing Almost Everything (created an introduction comic for the chapter on religious tolerance)

“Trump’s Jerk Move on Jerusalem: People Already Dying” (published on The Nib)

“Rasmea Odeh: Woman without a Country” (published on The Nib)

1,001 Knights (anthology)

2016: “Can These Cookies Stop Islamophobia?” (online comic created for Fusion)

A Crash Course on the Sogdians (self-published)

2015: “What It Is to be Palestinian in the US (published on The Electronic Intifada)

2014: Psychokinetic: Earthbound Fanzine (anthology)

Moon (anthology)

2013: A Voyage to Panjikant (self-published)

Created seven online comics that address islamophobia for

2012: He Also Has Drills for Hands, vol. 2 (self-published comic compilation)

2011: He Also Has Drills for Hands, vol. 1 (self-published comic compilation)

The Strumpet, vol. 2 (anthology)

2010: “Nell’s Women” (a comic feature for the Women’s Review of Books)

2010-15: He Also Has Drills for Hands (online comic strip)

2009: Starfish (self-published)

2008: Ali’s House (syndicated comic co-created with Tom Hart)

2007: Pirate’s Life for Me (anthology I edited)

Mauled!: True Reports of Mechanical Mishaps (anthology)

2006: Unsichtbares/Sichtbares (self-published)

Johaan the High School Wrestler (self-published)

2005: Telma’s House (self-published)

2004: Foodie (self-published)

2002: Welcome: Enjoy Life Please (self-published)

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