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Graphic Novels / グラフィック ノベル


Legends in
the Heights

8-12 years / 8~12歳

Raia, a 12-year-old girl from Jackson Heights, unintentionally becomes the best friend of a legendary creature when she comes home from school one day.


A Voyage to Panjikant

13 years-adult / 13歳~大人

Sixteen-year-old Upach is a curious and bright Sogdian girl who would love to one day travel along the Silk Roads as an honorable wihaakar (merchant), just like her father, Shafnoshak. The time is the mid-7th century—a golden age in Central Asia.



The Hookah Girl
and Other True Stories

Adult / 大人

In this current political climate, being a Palestinian is a hazard. However, there are common grounds where East meets West. The Hookah Girl is a semi-autobiographical graphic novel of a childhood as a Christian Palestinian in America.

現在の政治情勢において、パレスチナ人であることは危険である。しかし、東洋と西洋が出会う共通の基盤がある。The Hookah Girl』は、在米キリスト教徒のパレスチナ人としての子供時代を描いた半自伝的グラフィック・ノベルである。

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